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F.D.T Hosting is a SaaS GPS tracking software, characterized by extensive functionality and flexible customization options. Platform updates come out on a regular basis and constantly add to already robust fleet management capabilities. F.D.T. Hosted solution allows you to eliminate costs, associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration.

F.D.T. hosting storage and administration is carried out in AWS Amazon Web Services, with an uptime of 99.9999%. Providing proprietary vehicle tracking software, F.D.T. undertakes the technical part and a client can focus on business issues.

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Breadcrumb Trail

No software to install

Full branding to match your company image

A full-featured platform for a small monthly fee


Our hosted GPS tracking platform has been built from the ground up with the entrepreneur in mind. We install and run it for you on our servers, and we can customize it to fit the needs of your clients, brand it to your identity. Here’s just a few of the features to get you started:

Real Time Fleet Tracking

You will be able to get the most accurate locations of your vehicles via Google Maps. You can see your entire fleet, or select which vehicles to see.

Breadcrumb Trail

Using the breadcrumb trail you can actually visualize what your drivers are doing through the day. The breadcrumb trail will show you the entire route taken by each one of your vehicles. With this information you can find out how to make more efficient your fleet routes.

Posted Speed Limit

Our GPS Tracker is designed to monitor the vehicle's speed second by second. When the speed goes beyond a threshold you have preset, an alert is sent in real time via SMS and/or Email to any number of recipients.


Geofences and Landmarks are virtual places that you create in the F.D.T. system that represent real places. Geofences engine allows you to automatically track every arrival and departure from every site that you create as a geofence. You will have information about: Time of Arrival, Time of Departure, Length of Stay, Who was there (driver and vehicle information).

Real Time Alerts

Get notified in real time of unwanted vehicle behavior or special events. These alerts can be delivered to any number of recipients via email and/or SMS.


Our Quick Dispatch Module permits identifying the closest vehicle to a service call, and dispatch such vehicle immediately with a click of a button. This module will empower your dispatcher with the necessary visibility to maximize customer service and provide very accurate times of arrival.

Hot Spots

HotSpots are places where your drivers go with a certain frequency, that are not created as geofences. With HotSpots you can pin-point any place that is being visited by your drivers with or without your knowledge.

Mobile Application

With our mobile application you can view, in real time, the whereabouts of your fleet. We have developed our mobile application in HTML5, the latest internet technology for mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones, etc.

Maintenance Module

F.D.T. Maintenance module helps you keep all the preventive maintenance task up to date. Oil change, tire rotation, insurance renewal, or any other task you need, can be programmed to be monitored automatically, based on time, miles, or engine hours.

Over 30 Reports

Powerful fleet reports to accurately monitor your fleet. All the reports can be run on the fly or scheduled to run automatically with the results emailed to any number of recipients on a daily or weekly basis.

Multi-Map Tracking

MultiMaps feature helps you focus special attention in a group of vehicles. With our MultiMap feature, you can segment your fleet in up to 4 groups and monitor each group individually.

Sound good so far? It gets even better — because while we make taking care of your clients easier, our feature-rich platform makes acquiring new clients easier, too.

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