We use only the best technology

The GNX-5P from GenX Mobile is a versatile device with great support for external input devices and sensors. It is designed to service a wide variety of market and industry requirements. Features advanced technology that will last for years.

  • Used by over 250,000 vehicles in the USA
  • Highly configurable
  • Feature rich
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

Field Data Technologies' platform is 100% compatible with this device. We would be able to help you install it and integrate it to you systems and make it work smoothly and without problems.

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Backup Battery

Maintains the devices for at least 5 hours in case the main power is removed (theft, driver manipulation, etc.).


Identify unwanted driver behavior like rapid accelerations, aggressive cornering, and hard braking.

Super-sensitive GPS Sensor

Provides accurate location even under extreme conditions.


100% Visibility Of Your Fleet

Visualize your entire fleet in a real time map. Replay the route of each one of your vehicles, for any given day. Called the Breadcrumb Trail, this tool allows you to optimize your routes and get a better understanding of what your vehicels are doing every day.

Super High Gain internal antenna

The antennas of F.D.T.'s GPS device are internal. This facilitates incredibly the installation process, while providing an outstanding sensitivity that gives very accurate location information.

Monitor Drivers Behavior

Ability to detect the most important bad-behaviors of drivers, including: Accelerations, Sudden Decelearations, Harsh Brakes, and Harsh Turns. Every time the device detects any of these behaviors, it triggers events that are sent to F.D.T.'s system where the data is collected and reported to you immediatelly.

Uses the Verizon network

Offers the best coverage and will be around for years to come.

Input/Output and Peripheral Support

The GenX-5P I/O capabilities enable multiple configurations, peripheral support and monitoring including digital inputs and outputs, relays, serial and 1-wire peripheral communication, vehicle conditions and activity, and Driver ID button.

Easy Over The Air Servicing

The GenX-5P configuration parameters and firmware are upgradeable over-the air and can be pushed to the GenX-5P using IP or text messaging or autonomously pulled by the GenX-5P from any TFTP or FTP server; this allows feature updates to be deployed to a fleet of GenX-5P’s by EasiTrack in a very efficient manner.


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